Sunday, February 21, 2010

How's My Writing Going?

I had a party tonight and someone asked me what's going on with my writing. I don't know how eloquent I was with her ("duh" comes to mind as my great answer) but this does give me a chance to review and reflect here.

I last had a piece in the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix in January; it was my fourth piece. I've submitted two more, one which I know they're not going to use since it was about football season, and the other which the editor said she'd send on to the editor for the family supplement. Family supplement came out, no article. I think I need to move on with that essay since it's pretty good.

My essay in the winter edition is in Brain Child right now but they didn't link to it online so it has limited visibility, still it is there. Just only print.

My editor position at Poetica is goin well. Poetica's membership has grown about 50-60 people in the last 6 weeks, hopefully partially due to the blog. The guest blogger spots are booked through the end of March and the artwork is working out nicely.

I submitted a query to Brain Child about a hippie in high school raising a jock, so I'm waiting on that.

I need to get two more queries out for the month so I think they'll be More Magazine and the Lilith Church piece. Also, I have to get that gaming piece back from the Jewish News and perhaps send it to Raising Arizona Kids or a bigger venue like Parenting or Parents Magazine. I have to remember to think big.

To Do list: Email editor at Jewish News and advise that I'll be submitting gaming article elsewhere.
                 Submit article elsewhere after researching (quickly!) parents and parenting magazines.
                 Finish Church Piece since Lilith requires a hard copy query and then send out Lilith Query.
                 Send out More Magazine Query about married 50-year-olds.

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