Friday, February 19, 2010

My Failed Writer's Resolutions

How do I keep it all straight? He needs new shoes. And a suit. She needs me to come to school for her presentation today, his is on Wednesday. Meetings in March, money due, lunch forms, making lunch, clothes wash, the day to day drabble.

Oh  yeah, I forgot to write.

I set up this godawful New Year's Resolution this year that has just been onerous. Nothing invilving my weight since that's always stable. Nothing with exercise since I always exercise. So that's the good news: it's not anything normal. They were writer's resolutions and so, not having met them makes it much worse.

I'm supposed to submit my work to publications, at least three a month. I need to edit my manuscript and get it out to agents. I'm supposed to make some progress, not spend my life doing the same thing over and over again but expecting to become a writer with a book anyway.

Instead what do I do? I worry about my other blog. I read other peoples' blogs because, truly, they're amazing and fascinating and I've come to care for this community of writers that I somehow belong to. I comment on others' blogs because they make me think, because I want to show support and because I want to build support for my blog. Then I go to my blog and I respond to the comments people have left for me.

Oh my god, is this time consuming. I am dying from all this time it's taking up. I've never had something take up so much time before and yet, here they are, the most glorious community of women I've ever been in.

And all the while, my book sits, unpublished, in my computer.

Do you have any writer's resolutions?

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